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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jenny Graham

Monday, October 02, 2006

German Armwrestling

An 18 year old boy looses against an 14 year old girl.

Jon vs Tammy


Jenny vs Tammy

Khan vs Jade

The arm wrestling match of the century everyone has been talking about, featuring Sadaf "Iron Fist" Khan going head-to-head with Jade "The Daredevil" Chung (you may remember her from other such Salman Butt Productions as "Jumping Jade"). Another brilliant masterpiece from the legendary film-maker Salman Butt.

Collage Tournament

The final..

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Girl pwns a dude

And here's another chance for the guy

Another Mixed

This time, it's very close.

Beach boobs

Mixed Armwrestling

Fat guy VS blonde

Russia VS America

Russian guy to the left and american girl to the right.

Trish Status VS Torrie Wilson

Can be found in our clips section on our site. This is old but very good(despite the poor resolution).

Molly vs Krystal

Shasta Lake

A guy try to win against all women.

Geri VS Kylie

Two celebrities armwrestles and it ends quite surpricing.

Guy tries to wrestle two girls

Jen VS Amy

Armwrestling Commercial

A hot chicks win against a big-armed guy.

Tina vs Angelica

This is already in our clip section

Clip from a DWW tournament

Beautiful and well muscled girls next-door in some private arm wrestling contest. Great stuff for fans of flexed girl biceps!

DWW - Aw VS Lissa

This clip is also featured in our clip section.

Kitchen Armwrestling

Blond VS Brunette this time also.

Brunette vs Blond

Two girls armwrestle.

Three friends arm wrestle to the death. Except that nobody dies. But they sure do arm wrestle. A girl armwrestle two guys.